To maintain and promote the advancement of the art and science of Traditional Oriental Medicine including all the modalities within its scope of practice in the state of Nevada and to enhance the health and well being of the community.



  • To promote high standards for the practice of Traditional Oriental Medicine
  • To work in cooperation with the Nevada Board of Oriental Medicine (NBOM) in assisting with the establishment of health laws and codes
  • To provide a forum for sharing knowledge in the field of Traditional Oriental medicine with other related disciplines
  • To promote a close and stronger relationship among OMDs in Nevada
  • To provide a collective voice from our OMD community in dealing with legislation, civil, social, political, and economic issues pertaining to the existence and growth of the OMD community
  • To provide annual local Continuing Education Unit workshops at moderate fees
  • To keep members updated on new changes affecting their scope of practice
  • To offer names of qualified OMD candidates to the Governor to fill vacancies on NBOM