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NOMA statement regarding SB335

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1973年4月20日內州州長邁克·奧卡拉漢(Mike O’Callaghan)簽署了參議院第448號法案也稱為《中醫藥法》成立中醫醫務局,執行本州內一切中醫醫務的行政、教育、執照及註冊等事務。

2021 年4月9日,參議院商業和勞工委員會通過335號(唯一針對的醫療保健,把中醫醫務局立法剔除)法案。


東方醫學和西方療法是對等的 ,尤其是在亞裔居民被不公平對待、被排擠時,335 號法案的立法,令人擔憂。

法案將於4月20日在參議院投票表決,內州東方醫學協會(N.O.M.A)堅決反對335號法案,為了亞裔的權利,爭取公平的對待,希望社區人士能夠鼎力相助 、共襄盛舉,向您選區的議員呼籲否決335號法案。

內州東方醫學協會 ( N.O.M.A )啟事

Statement from Nevada Oriental Medicine Association (NOMA) regarding SB335

Nevada Oriental Medicine Association voices strong opposition to SB335

The Oriental Medicine Doctor (OMD) is recognized as a healthcare profession around the world, in the US and in the state of NV. In 1973, NV was the first state that granted the licence to practice Oriental medicine (refer to SB448).

Practicing Oriental Medicine in the state of NV required education, professional and clinical training from accredited colleges. The college of Oriental Medicine which approved by the NV state board of Oriental Medicine oers a 4 year educational program with bachelor degree as one of admission requirements. The program of study includes basic science, biomedicine, and Oriental medicine (refer to wongu.edu). The Oriental medicine education is similar to other allied health professions.

The NV state board of Oriental medicine enforces standards of care and ensures competence within the profession. The practice of Oriental Medicine significantly diers from the other professions and should continue to have its own board that certifies competency to practice, and assure patient safety.

Without the board of Oriental Medicine, the quality of patients’ care may be disrupted, and will potentially place the public at risk. It will also impact the future of Oriental Medicine Doctor’s licensing. The OMDs who respect their profession and value the quality of care would consider Nevada as a state that does not value the practice of Oriental Medicine and the competency of the professionals.

Please respect and value of the NV OMDs as a health profession, in alignment with medicine, nursing, physical therapy, chiropractic and others.

We ask you to support the NV OMDs profession and safety of the public by voting against SB335.

Thank you.

April 15, 2021